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Assessment and Evaluation of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has a major influence on the health, comfort and well-being of building occupants. The number of incidents associated with ill health and discomfort in the indoor environment is increasing.

Poor air quality has been linked to sick building syndrome (SBS) and a World Health Organisation report suggested that 30% of new and remodelled buildings worldwide could be linked to sick building syndrome.

This problem is more common in buildings that use mechanical ventilation or central air-conditioning units. Through the ventilation systems, the air component (harmful chemicals in vapour or dust) causing people to feel ill may transfer from one area into another. Pollutant sources including outdoor contaminants from traffic and industry can also enter buildings by infiltration and through ventilation systems and contribute to workers feeling unwell. Combined with stress in the workplace and a general weakening of the immune system, employees may end up feeling ill simply because of poor indoor air quality. Such illness incidents can have a very real effect on the efficiency and profitability of a business.

How we can help

Huw Wilkins Associates Limited has extensive experience in dealing with the indoor environments in offices, industrial and domestic environments. Once an accurate assessment has been made we are able to recommend a variety of actions to bring about an improvement in the working environment.

Contact Huw Wilkins Associates Limited today to discuss an assessment and evaluation survey of your workplace indoor air quality.

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